Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cannabis dispensaries an affordable online training platform that includes courses that cover essential skills for budtenders, including state-specific regulations, company-specific topics, cannabis technical education, and cannabis-specific sales training.

About BrightBuds

Our Cannabis Dispensary Training Courses and LMS

With our ample experience in training and the e-learning world, we have teamed up with cannabis dispensary training content experts to create robust, interactive e-learning courses to keep learners engaged using sound instructional design – something missing from most online training courses.

Our experience with continuous advances in technology, compatibility between courseware, LMS platforms, and a multitude of mobile devices, helps dispensaries deliver and track employee training seamlessly, quickly, and effectively. Our experience creating custom training (i.e., product training, compliance training, product updates, etc.) makes BrightBuds an all-in-one solution to meet the demand for quick and accessible e-learning from any mobile device.

Our LMS allows all cannabis dispensary training courses to be hosted in one place, so store managers and dispensary owners from all locations can easily monitor course completion statuses among their staff members.

Key Cannabis Dispensary Training Content Provider - MJ Hyrbid Solutions

Our cannabis dispensary training off-the-shelf courses (36 total) have been specifically crafted for budtenders, and with dispensary needs in mind.

Modules in the Cannabis Education library prepare budtenders to answer customer questions or concerns with confidence. Courses included in this library are written and backed by medical cannabis doctors and scientists.

Modules in the Sales Training library teach time-tested sales skills, with the focus on selling cannabis products. Budtenders learn the importance of listening to customer needs, asking questions, making product recommendations, and building customer loyalty. Modules in this library also include animated industry-specific role-plays to best understand the sales process to increase business profitability.

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