Cannabis Education Modules

Cannabis Education Modules are written by MJ Hybrid Solutions. Ideal for those looking to train their employees on cannabis science. Modules included in this series of training are listed below.

The Endocannabinoid System

To truly understand how cannabis works, it is important to first understand the Endocannabinoid System. This module dives into what the EC system is, how it was discovered, and the role it plays when consuming cannabis.

What is CBD?

What is CBD is a basic overview of CBD and its medicinal benefits. This module discusses why CBD is beneficial, the different methods of taking CBD, CBD in hemp and marijuana, and the main medicinal ailments that CBD has been scientifically proven to aid. Additionally, this module covers how to help customers understand this key ingredient that is found in cannabis.

THC Basics

This Cannabis Education module is a basic overview of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Staff will learn why THC is beneficial as well as the different methods of taking THC. Additionally, this module covers how to understand the customers' tolerance to THC.

Routes of Administration

This module breaks down the methods for consuming cannabis and provides an understanding of bioavailability. By understanding different routes of administration, staff are able to recommend what method might be best for the customer's needs.

Acidic vs. Neutral Cannabinoids

In this module, staff will learn the difference between acidic cannabinoids (THCA) and neutral cannabinoids (THC). This module also dives into decarboxylation and biosynthesis of the plant.

Cannabis Infused Products (edibles)

In this module, staff will learn how infused products are made, the various types of infused products, and how they affect each customer differently.

Cannabis Concentrates

In this Cannabis Education module, staff will learn why consumers should use cannabis concentrates, the different extract terminology used when producing cannabis concentrates, and the different types of concentrates on the market.

Know Your Product - Active Ingredients

This module will take staff through the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. There are 3 major groups: Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, and Flavonoids.

Know Your Product - Product Types

This Cannabis Education module discusses product types. As the cannabis industry grows, more and more products are being developed. It is important as a cannabis retail professional, to understand the different product types, routes of administration, and potential benefits and side effects to best service the customer’s needs.

Know Your Product - Dosing & Packaging

This Cannabis Education module discusses dosing and packaging. Understanding the dosing and packaging is the most important function of dispensary staff to ensure the customer purchases the right product, which delivers the right dose for the customer's needs.

CBD Full Spectrum vs Isolate

In this module, staff will learn about the differences between CBD full spectrum products and CBD isolate and how to explain the difference to the customer to ensure they get the best product for their needs.

Explaining CBD to the customer

In this Cannabis Education module, we will go over how to explain CBD to customers who are unaware of what CBD is and all of its benefits.

Pediatrics & Cannabis

This module discusses what staff should know about children who use cannabis as medicine and what to expect from their caregiver. We also break down the different ailments that cannabis is used for to help better understand customer need.

Cannabis & Anxiety

In this module, we dive into cannabis and how it effects anxiety. Studies show how certain doses can promote and/or induce anxiety as well as how CBD and terpene profiles play a role.

Cannabis & Pain

In this module, staff will learn how cannabis can be used to help with pain in more ways than one and the benefits of using cannabis for different types of pain.

Cannabis & Appetite

This module dives into how cannabis may enhance appetite in at least 3 different ways, how the endocannabinoid system affects appetite, and how high THC and high CBD products can affect appetite differently.

Cannabis & Sleep

This module dives into the biology of sleep, what can cause sleep issues, and how cannabis can be used as a potential sleep aide.

Cannabis Education Pricing

Discounts offered to dispensary teams over 25 people

Individual Courses

$ 10 Per Course / Per User
  • Pick and choose modules to include in your library

Know Your Product

$ 25 Per User
  • Active Ingredients
  • Product Types
  • Packaging & Dosing

Cannabis Effects

$ 30 Per User
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Appetite
  • Sleep

Full Library

$ 80 Per User
  • Includes all modules in series (17 total)

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