Custom Training for Dispensaries

Bright Buds can create simple and affordable, to highly interactive eLearning custom courses specific to your dispensary training needs.

What is Custom eLearning?

Custom eLearning courses¬†are designed using your own training content, colors, themes, and images that are only unique to your dispensary. These online courses are specifically designed for your employees based on your dispensary’s training needs, job roles, and business needs and strategies.

After Bright Buds has access to your training source materials, we will develop a customized eLearning course using modern instructional design and visual design to create an impactful learning experience for your staff. Bright Buds can help you decide on a wide variety of learning design formats such as animations, scenarios, interactivities, and videos to keep your employees engaged and involved.

Use Custom eLearning For Easy Access To Product Information

Custom eLearning with Bright Buds can help deliver information to employees faster and in real time. This is especially useful for budtenders and other sales associates who are at the forefront and present product information to customers daily.

The main objective of custom product training is to provide information to your budtenders on various products sold at your store(s), such as flower, vaporizers, pre rolls, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, etc. The course should cover product information for each category, thus providing complete knowledge to your entire sales team. Moreover, the course will be responsive so that your employees can access it on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, whenever and wherever they want.

How it Works

Bright Buds makes it easy to educate your staff on products, or any other company specific topic.


Bright Buds will convert your source materials and create an online training course, from simple and affordable, to highly interactive eLearning.


Bright Buds will set up an account for your dispensary in our Learning Management System, and upload your course(s). 


Bright Buds will launch your course, and employees will be notified via email. Training managers will have access to a high-level overview of course completions, and company activity.

See it in action

Schedule a quick introductory meeting to get started and have your questions answered.

This meeting will give you access to our course library, and will provide next steps in including one customized course sourced from your own dispensary training content.

You will also have the ability to add a limited number of users via email invitation, monitor course progress, and print final records.