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Scanner Overview

At Northeast Alternatives, Security Specialists use a hand scanner to verify the ages of all patrons entering the premises. On the following page is a diagram overview of the Panasonic FZ-N1 TOUGHPAD and all its components. 

Security Specialists at NEA utilizes software called VeriScan on the Panasonic FZ-N1 TOUGHPAD (pictured to the left) to not only verify the ages of its patrons, but the software can also categorize the patrons into groups; either a “VIP” or “Banned” group.

These groupings can be used to remember and spotlight specific customers for any number of reasons. It is especially useful when restricting a customer from the property. By default, all scanned customers are listed as “Group Not Assigned” as pictured here.

The actual scanning of an ID is quite simple. After examining the ID, turn the ID card over to the back, with the barcode side up. Aim the barcode reading laser on the rear of the Scanner at the barcode and push either of the scan buttons, located on both sides of the Scanner unit. A laser will light up that will scan the barcode and convert the information from the ID onto the screen.