Training Courses for Your Dispensary Team

Our off-the-shelf online training courses will improve the customer experience and lift sales by creating a more confident and effective sales force. 

What is Off-the-Shelf Training?

Off-the-shelf, or ready-made, courses have been pre-designed to cover specific cannabis related topics that are vital to budtenders and other cannabis professionals. 

These courses are designed to cover an array of important topics such as basic industry knowledge, sales skills development, and compliance.

Off-the-shelf content will likely fit all or most of your organization’s skills development, compliance, and continuing education needs. Developing and acquiring general skills rarely require a custom-made course.

Cannabis Education and Sales Training

Our Training Courses

Cannabis Education and Sales

Cross-training on both cannabis science, and how to effectively communicate to meet each customers’ needs.

Responsible Vendor Training

Required training certified by the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts.

OSHA Training

Various workplace safety related topics to complete your annual training requirements.

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