An Online Training Platform for Dispensaries

BrightBuds is an all-in-one online training platform for dispensary teams, created specifically to address the growing need for budtender and staff training in the cannabis industry.

BrightBuds Course Library

Your Course Library can include a broad list of topics covering subjects including Responsible Vendor Training, Cannabis Education, Cannabis Sales Training, and Custom Courses. See below for key subject areas offered from BrightBuds.

Responsible Vendor Training

State approved by the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts.

Cannabis Education

17 modules. Ideal for cannabis companies looking to train their employees on cannabis knowledge.

Sales Training

19 modules. Ideal for dispensaries and cannabis companies looking for sales training in the cannabis space.


Custom Training

Customized eLearning courses built from scratch, specifically created for your dispensary and your training needs.

BrightBuds Learning Management System

In addition to your course library, we will creat an account for your dispensary in our shared LMS. Read more below to learn the benefits of using our LMS.


Hosts Training in One Location

Managers in dispensaries may feel overwhelmed with keeping staff knowledgeable about industry specific topics, and meeting state requirements. BrightBuds offers every type of training your dispensary needs to be successful, and keeps materials organized, all in one location. Every member of your team will have access to these materials, creating an easy and consistent way to distribute your training content amongst your staff.


Provides Self-Paced Unlimited Access to Training Materials

Once your dispensary registers as a group in our LMS, your employees will have 24/7 access to all your selected training materials. If your users ever need to a refresher, they can easily log in, and pull up any previous course to review. Your company will no longer have to rely on in-person, or online training sessions, as our system allows those who are on-the-go to login to the BrightBuds site via smartphone or tablets. All courses are also self-paced, adding convenience and flexibility in the timeframe in which a user completes courses, where our member dashboard easily allows users to easily pick up where they left off.

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Easily Tracks User Progress and Performance

The most important feature of BrightBuds is the ability for store managers and dispensary owners to keep track of user progress, and ensure they are completing assigned courses. Our LMS also allows easy communication between group leaders and users. Group leaders can email users in bulk, or individually, directly through our portal if they have not demonstrated a completion status on a course.

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Quickly and Conveniently Expands eLearning Course Library

We understand that some dispensaries may only want to start with a few courses in their library to limit costs. BrightBuds has plenty of options when choosing which courses you want to include in your library. If at any point you decide to add courses to your library, whether they are our off-the-shelf, or your own custom courses, they can be conveniently added to your group library, and users will be automatically notified via email of when a new course is available to take.

How BrightBuds Works

Create an account with us

BrightBuds will create a group, or multiple groups, in our LMS for your company. Multiple groups can be beneficial for dispensaries with multiple locations to better organize user reports, or different course curriculums depending on the cohort of users. For example, you may want multiple groups for different job titles, such as Store Operations, and Grow Operations, where each group is assigned different courses.

We will also create your course library. Our goal is to provide an affordable selection of courses for your company, that meet your dispensary training needs. See pricing for options.

Add and invite employees

BrightBuds allows managers and owners to easily invite employees in minutes, directly through our portal. Simply log in to our site, and import employee emails in bulk.

Employees will be automatically sent an invitation email, with self-registration instructions. User self-registration saves time for managers and store owners when creating employee accounts to our database, and is especially beneficial for dispensary teams over 25 people.

Once users register their account, they will automatically be directed to their custom course library, selected by your company, where they can begin learning! Each user will also have access to a student transcript, which summarizes which courses they have and have not completed.

Manage your groups and access reporting features

The most important feature of BrightBuds is group management, and user and course reporting features for managers and owners.

Accessible only to store managers and dispensary owners, group management contains many features to make it easy to oversee your company activity.

User reports will allow you to monitor the progress that your employees make in courses they are enrolled in, and course reports gives a high-level overview of how many employees and courses are assigned to your company, displaying course completions and course activity.

Get Started

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