An Online Training Platform for Dispensaries

Bright Buds is an all-in-one online training platform for dispensary teams. We provide dispensaries with general cannabis education and compliance training courses, custom courses specific to your training needs, and a university grade learning management system for internal training.

What We Do

Off-the-Shelf Training

We provide your dispensary team with the basics; cannabis education and sales training, and Responsible Vendor Training approved by the CCC of Massachusetts.

Custom eLearning Development

We are eLearning course developers, and create custom online interactive courses sourced from your dispensary training materials, specific to your needs.

Learning Management System Services

We provide your dispensary with a reporting and tracking system so your training managers can monitor course completions and company activity.

Who it's For

Our cannabis education and sales training library is perfect for dispensaries looking to train budtenders on basic cannabis knowledge and how to properly sell products to customers.

Some dispensaries already have their own training material developed in the form of PDFs, PowerPoints, or videos. We can create an online course from your materials, and host it on our learning management system so you can easily distribute, track, and report on your training.

You can take advantage of your internal training program with your very own Learning Management System.

We will create a Learning Management System from scratch with your own domain name, logo, and company colors.

This service is especially beneficial for dispensaries with multiple locations, looking to take advantage of all the features a customized Learning Management System comes with, such as user profiles, zoom integrations, forum discussions, and more.

Many dispensaries may feel overwhelmed with keeping up with the annual training requirement that all persons working in the recreational cannabis industry must complete a Responsible Vendor Training program, mandated by the CCC of Massachusetts.

Our system allows you to keep track of Responsible Vendor Training course completions, print out reports for your own records, and automatically re-enroll each of your employees every year.

How it Works


Create Your Account

Bright Buds will create a group, or multiple groups, in our learning management system for your company. Multiple groups can be beneficial for dispensaries with multiple locations to better organize user reports, or different course curriculums depending on the cohort of users. For example, you may want multiple groups for different job titles, such as Store Operations, and Grow Operations, where each group is assigned different courses.

We will also create your course library. Our goal is to provide an affordable selection of courses for your company, that meet your dispensary training needs.


Invite Employees

Bright Buds online training for dispensaries allows training managers to easily invite employees in minutes, directly through our portal. Simply log in to our site, and import employee emails in bulk.

Employees will be automatically sent an invitation email, with self-registration instructions. User self-registration saves time for training managers when creating employee accounts to our database, and is especially beneficial for dispensary teams over 50 people.

Once users register their account, they will automatically be directed to their custom course library, selected by your company, where they can begin learning! Each user will also have access to a student transcript, which summarizes which courses they have and have not completed.


Track and Report

The most important feature of Bright Buds is group management, and user and course reporting features for training managers.

Accessible only to store managers and dispensary owners, group management contains many features to make it easy to oversee your company activity.

User reports will allow you to monitor the progress that your employees make in courses they are enrolled in, and course reports gives a high-level overview of how many employees and courses are assigned to your company, displaying course completions and course activity.

See it in action

Schedule a quick introductory meeting to get started and have your questions answered.

This meeting will give you access to our course library, and will provide next steps in including one customized course sourced from your own dispensary training content.

You will also have the ability to add a limited number of users via email invitation, monitor course progress, and print final records.