Sexual Harassment and Safety Training

At Bright Buds, we are committed to providing comprehensive training solutions that go beyond the basics of cannabis education and compliance: Sexual Harassment and Safety Training. We recognize the importance of fostering a safe and respectful workplace environment within the cannabis industry.

Some of Our Most Popular Safety Training Courses

Access to Medical & Exposure Records

Defines which records are classified as medical and exposure records; information on employee rights. Lists designated representatives who shall have access to these records.

Bloodborne Pathogens (Awareness)

Explanation of transmission; symptoms of bloodborne pathogens; appropriate types of PPE to be used; explanation of signs, labels and/or color codes used.

Bloodborne Pathogens (Responder)

Explanation of transmission, symptoms of bloodborne pathogens, appropriate types of PPE to be used, explanation of signs, labels, and/or color codes used; information on hepatitis B vaccine.

Electrical Safety (Awareness)

Describes best safety practices when working with electricity 50v or higher.

Emergency Action Plan (Awareness)

Identifies evacuation routes, lock down zones, meeting zones, and processes and procedures in the event of emergency.

Emergency Action Plan (Response Team)

Designates response team personnel and their responsibilities during emergency situations such as fire, natural disasters, intruder, bomb threat, robbery, etc.

Fire Prevention Plan

Fire hazards and parts of fire prevention plan necessary for self-protection.

Fire Extinguishers

Identifies the different types of fire extinguishers and what they are used for and the expectations of use by an employee in the event of a fire.

Hazard Communication

This explains the requirements of the OSHA HAZCOM regulation and its purpose. It should also identify where hazardous materials are within each department and what specific signs and symbols mean. This also trains on identifying exposure, treatment protocol for exposure, and the correct PPE to use.

Lock Out / Tag Out

Explains energy control procedures on equipment that is locked or tagged out as well as identifying designated staff responsible to execute.

OSHA Recordkeeping

Procedures for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When and what PPE is necessary; how to correctly inspect, wear, and use the PPE; the limitations of the PPE; and how to dispose of or otherwise take the PPE out of service if necessary.

Powered Industrial Trucks (Operator Training)

All relevant truck-related and workplace-related topics; description of vehicles covered; safe techniques for use and storage; PPE requirements during use; inspection requirements. (Must include classroom and practical training).

Powered Industrial Trucks (Operator Evaluation)

Evaluation of operator's performance in the workplace.

Safety Signs & Labeling; Danger & Warning Tags

Awareness of the potential hazards within the facilities, how signs and labels warn employees of the existing hazards.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment and Safety Training

Sexual harassment is a serious concern in any workplace, including the cannabis industry. Our specialized Sexual Harassment Prevention Training fosters respect and inclusivity by educating your staff on recognizing, preventing, and addressing sexual harassment.

While some believe such training is only required in specific states and cities like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, Chicago, and New York City, it’s essential to note that federal, state, and local laws universally emphasize the importance of anti-harassment training for all employees, regardless of location. This ensures a consistent and respectful workplace environment nationwide.”

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