Custom Training for Your Dispensary

Discover how custom online training courses can revolutionize your dispensary’s operations. From SOP adherence to product knowledge and compliance, our expertise can help your staff excel.

What We Do

Online Training for Dispensaries

We specialize in creating custom online training courses that equip your employees with an in-depth understanding of your company’s specific policies, procedures, and products. 

Leveraging your dispensary’s rich training materials, including employee handbooks, Standard Operating Procedures, onboarding resources, and comprehensive cannabis product and brand training materials, we seamlessly transform these assets into engaging and interactive online courses.

Why is Custom Training Important for Your Dispensary?

SOP Documentation and Adherence

Dispensaries should follow company SOPs for consistency, efficiency, and quality. Converting SOPs into interactive online courses helps employees grasp and apply them effectively, ensuring thorough understanding and compliance.

Product Knowledge and Customer Satisfaction

To thrive, your dispensary needs to excel in your own products and services. Tailored courses cover your cannabis offerings in depth, enabling your staff to make informed recommendations, answer questions, and earn customer trust.

Operational Consistency and Efficiency

Custom training enhances dispensary uniformity by providing consistent, high-quality training, ensuring SOP adherence and operational efficiency through interactive lessons, streamlining day-to-day operations.

Compliance with Training Requirements

In the US, every legal state has unique employee training rules. Custom eLearning courses can convert existing materials, like handbooks and SOPs, to meet state training requirements, showing compliance and ensuring staff knows state-specific regulations and best practices.

How Custom Training Works


Content Analysis and Selection

Your cannabis company provides training materials to Bright Buds in various formats such as PDF documents, videos, or PowerPoint presentations. 

Our team reviews the provided materials to assess their content and suitability for online training. We determine whether a simple or highly interactive approach is best suited for your company’s training needs. 

Custom Training
Learning Management System


Course Development and Implementation

Based on the content analysis, we design and develop an online course tailored to the dispensary’s requirements.

The course is created, including interactive elements, quizzes, and multimedia enhancements as needed to enhance engagement and learning.


Tracking and Training

Your dispensary gains access to the course on our LMS and enrolls your staff.

Staff members complete the training at their convenience, and their progress is tracked and recorded within the LMS.

Dispensary managers and owners have access to detailed reports and analytics, allowing them to monitor the progress of their staff, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with training requirements.

Custom Training

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