Cannabis Education and Sales Training for Budtenders

Bright Buds provides cannabis education and sales training for budtenders in a two-fold approach, where employees are cross-trained on both cannabis science, and how to effectively communicate to meet each customers’ needs.

About the Training Program

This cannabis education and sales training program has been specifically crafted for budtenders, with dispensary needs in mind.

After completion, dispensary staff will be prepared to answer questions and sell products to the seasoned cannabis user, as well as those customers with little experience. Understanding the effects of products, how to communicate the effects of the products, how to ask customers the right questions, and how to create a positive and legitimate atmosphere in the cannabis space, sets the necessary foundation for dispensary staff and cannabis companies to be successful. 


Cannabis Education and Sales Training

Course Categories

Cannabis Education

With about 80 minutes of training content, modules in the cannabis education library prepare budtenders to answer questions or concerns with confidence. Courses included in this library are written and backed by medical cannabis doctors and scientists.

Sales Training

With about 1 hour of training content, modules in the sales training library teach time-tested sales skills, with the focus on selling cannabis products. In this course category, staff will learn the importance of listening to customer needs, asking questions, making product recommendations, and building customer loyalty. Modules in this library also include animated industry-specific role-plays to best understand the sales process to increase business profitability.

Education and Sales Course Library

Take a peak at our cannabis education and sales training course library.

Cannabis Education and Sales Pricing

*Discounts offered to dispensary teams of 25 people or more*


$ 45 Per user
  • 8 Cannabis Education Modules
  • 6 Sales Training Modules


$ 95 Per user
  • 8 Cannabis Education Modules
  • 6 Sales Training Modules
  • MA Responsible Vendor Training

New courses coming Spring 2023!

Product Types

In this module, we will discuss product types. As the cannabis industry grows, more and more products are being developed. It is important as a cannabis retail professional, to understand the different product types, routes of administration, and potential benefits and side effects to best service the customer’s needs.

Dosing & Packaging

In this module, we will discuss dosing and packaging. Understanding the dosing and packaging is the most important function of dispensary staff to ensure the customer purchases the right product, which delivers the right dose for the customer’s needs.

CBD Full Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

In this module, staff will learn about the differences between CBD full spectrum products and CBD isolate and how to explain the difference to the customer to ensure they get the best product for their needs.

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