Responsible Vendor Training

Bright Buds is certified by the Cannabis Control Commission to provide Responsible Vendor Training in the state of Massachusetts.

Responsible Vendor Training Lessons

Cannabis Education

Cannabis Active Ingredients, The Endocannabinoid System, Routes of Administration, Product Types, Health Effects, Signs of Impairment


Seed-to-Sale Tracking, What is METRC?, Inventory Tracking System Regulations, Tracking Cannabis Industry Product, METRC Violations, METRC Access, METRC Certification

Massachusetts State Laws

Local and State Licensing , License and Court Sanctions, Health and Safety Standards, Conduct of Establishments and License Types, Prohibited Purchases and Practices, Establishment Records, Safe Delivery Practices

Diversion Prevention

Areas of Diversion: Cannabis Procurement, Transportation and Delivery, Cannabis Sales, Inventory Administration, Waste and Disposal
Prevention and Detection: Creating a Diversion Prevention Plan, Employee Training Requirements, Reporting Suspected Diversion, Dispensary Operations Best Practices

ID Policies

Recognizing Features on Real Government Issued IDs, Training Solutions for ID Checking, Methods on How to Spot a Fake ID

Cultural Competence

Business Conduct, Internal Cultural Competence, Working with Co-Workers with Disabilities

Included Features

Bright Buds gives dispensaries the ability to effectively, efficiently, and easily train staff through our shared Learning Management System. Our included features will create a hassle free experience for your dispensary’s training and compliance managers.

Self Paced, 24/7 Access

This course is an online virtual module, where employees will have 24/7 access. Your dispensary will no longer have to rely on in-person, or online training sessions, as our system allows those who are on-the-go to login to the Bright Buds site via smartphone or tablet. This course is self-paced, adding convenience and flexibility in the timeframe in which a user completes the course, where our member dashboard easily allows users to pick up where they left off.

Bulk User Enrollments

Bright Buds allows training and compliance managers to easily invite employees in minutes, directly through our portal. Simply log in to our site, and import employee emails in bulk. Employees will be automatically sent an invitation email, with login instructions and credentials. This saves time for training and compliance managers when creating employee accounts to our database, and is especially beneficial for dispensary teams over 50 people.

Tracking and Reporting

Most importantly, Bright Buds allows training and compliance managers to keep track of user progress and course completions. 
User reports allow manages to monitor progress each user makes in the course, and course reports gives a high-level overview of how many employees are assigned to your company, displaying course completions and course activity. Managers are also able to download and print final course completion reports for their own records.

Automatic Notifications

Each time an employee from your dispensary completes RVT, your training or compliance manager will receive an automatic email referencing the employee name, date, and time of completion. Bright Buds also allows customized notifications for your company. For example, we can send automatic notifications quarterly, reminding you to print and download your course reports for your records.

Automatic Re Enrollments

All dispensary agents in Massachusetts are required to take Responsible Vendor Training every year, and can be overwhelming for training managers to keep track of renewals for each individual employee. Bright Buds will automatically re enroll and notify each of your users every 365 days after their original enrollment date, eliminated the extra task for your dispensary training managers.

Additional Training

Bright Buds has plenty of options when choosing which courses you want to include in your library. If at any point you decide to add courses to your library, whether they are our off-the-shelf, or your own custom courses, they can be conveniently added to your group library, and users will be automatically notified via email of when a new course is available to take.

Request Pricing

Bright Buds is here to answer any questions you may have about pricing for a custom LMS and off-the-shelf training courses. Complete the form and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

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