Custom eLearning Development

We’ll build tailored eLearning courses for your specific needs – whether it’s for onboarding, Standard Operating Procedures, or product training. 

From simple and affordable, to highly interactive, you’ll get an effective eLearning course that matches your dispensary’s branding, hassle-free.

Tailored online courses for your team

Simple and affordable

Many dispensaries have training content, such as Standard Operating Procedures, on hand in the form of PDF documents. We can create a beautiful courses that are simple, affordable, and effective from your training documents.

Highly interactive

We can also create highly interactive courses on any company specific training topic to create a captivating experience for your employees. These courses can include voice narration, click and reveals, interactive pages, knowledge check questions, and more.

Solutions to meet your training needs

1 Standard Operating Procedures
2 Product Training
Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

We can create simple online courses from your SOPs, and automate all of your dispensary’s compliance training. Each SOP can be separated into Lessons, and Topics, so your employees can digest the information step by step. We then attach a quiz at the end of each course to ensure your employees understood the information in the document. Our Learning Management System will then attest for which employees have and have not completed your trainings.

Standard Operating Procedures
Product Training

Product Training

We’ll put together a course about the products sold in your store or stores. The content will cover product effects and descriptions so your sales team can present your products and answer customer questions competently. Each course will be split into lessons; Flower, Pre-Roll, Vaporizers, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, and Topicals. You will receive the source files to your course so you can make updates as your products change.

Product Training

Here's how it works



We examine your objectives with you and identify the optimal learning solution. We create an appropriate scenario for the course, decide on the design, and collaborate with you to make an outline.


Make a Script

Your subject matter expert will make a script of your course based on your training objectives. We will use your script to create on-screen text and create a narration script if you would like to include voice-over.


Design and Develop

We will create visuals and other supportive materials and build a course directly in your custom Learning Management System, or using other software such as Articulate Storyline.


Test and Deliver

We make sure that the course works properly and delivers a ready solution to you. Your management team will have access to tracking and reporting features on your LMS, created by Bright Buds.

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Custom made courses with your learners in mind

Brand Identity

We will incorporate your company's branding, colors, and themes in each of your custom courses, creating a more inviting and personalized experience for your employees.

Instant Content Updates

Together with the course, you’ll receive all the source files. So, when the information gets outdated, you can easily update it and just save the revised course.

Adaptive Player

The course will automatically adapt to every device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with iOS, Android, or Windows).

LMS Compatibility

Your courses will be hosted on your own Learning Management System, created by Bright Buds, so your managers and owners can keep track of who has and has not completed your courses.

See it in action

Schedule a quick introductory meeting to get started and have your questions answered.

This meeting will give you access to our course library, and will provide next steps in including one customized course sourced from your own dispensary training content.

You will also have the ability to add a limited number of users via email invitation, monitor course progress, and print final records.